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    It’s all about the cell nutrition

    Cells are the fundamental building blocks of life – the units from which all your tissues and organs are made. Every muscle movement, every heartbeat, every breath, all the functions of your organs, everything your body does is optimal when you have healthy, efficient cells. These processes start to deteriorate as cells cease to function efficiently.

    Minerals and trace elements don’t work in isolation in your body. They are required at various stages of many different metabolic processes. If one is missing or not present at the required level, then it is the limiting factor for that process or enzyme activity. Our metabolism is only as good as its weakest link.

    Your cells are constantly communicating with and responding to each other and your environment. If they cannot operate effectively and efficiently then the functions of your body become compromised and you become susceptible to illness and disease. Therefore it make sense to ensure that your cells are as strong and healthy as they can be.

    Cellnutrition Quinton nourishes your body with 78 minerals and trace elements in precisely the proportions that your cells require them. And because Cellnutrition Quinton is 100% organic, these minerals are bioavailable, which means they can be readily absorbed by your body. Your cells will only accept minerals which are bioavailable. Unlike many other supplements, Cellnutrition Quinton is 100% natural and 100% bioavailable.

    Mineral Interdependency

    Minerals and trace elements don’t work in isolation in your body, they are required at various stages of the metabolic process. If one is missing then that chain breaks down.

    For example, potassium works with sodium to control the body’s water balance, which helps maintain blood pressure, assists with muscle function and heart rhythm and, in later years, may reduce the risk of kidney stones and osteoporosis.
    Abstract background of the molecular structure.

    However, excessive intake of a single mineral element can decrease the intestinal absorption of another element. For example, a high intake of calcium depresses intestinal zinc absorption, while an excess intake of zinc can depress copper absorption. A deficient intake of a mineral element can allow toxic accumulation of another element within your body.

    The extent of mineral interaction and importance of a balanced input is demonstrated in this diagram. Each line and arrow shows the relationship one mineral has with another. It demonstrates why it is so important to have the full spectrum of minerals and trace elements in the correct proportions, as provided by Cellnutrition Quinton, so that your body has what it needs when it needs it.

    In balance with your body

    The molecular magic of Cellnutrition Quinton is that it not only contains the full spectrum of minerals in the proportions you need, but when taken in Isotonic form each of the minerals is represented in quantities that mirror, almost perfectly, those of human blood plasma and extracellular fluids.


    Extracellular fluid is the bodily fluid outside of your cells which helps control the movement of water and minerals to and from cells throughout your body. Everything in your body responds to the condition of your extracellular fluid because it is from there that your cells absorb the various minerals and trace elements they require to be strong and healthy.

    The chemical similarity between extracellular fluid and Quinton seawater led the man who discovered it, the French physiologist and biologist René Quinton, to refer to the internal terrain of the human body as the “sea aquarium” or “marine terrain” in reference to how it is a microcosm of the sea itself.

    When you restore the quality of this internal sea aquarium, every cell, organ, and tissue begins to respond and function as it was intended. Cellnutrition Quinton provides the minerals and trace elements to allow your cells to do that.

    Full genetic expression

    You have around 30 trillion cells in your body, and every day you replicate thousands of new cells to replace old cells that become damaged or worn out. All of your cells have the same DNA sequence but different cells express different genes according to their role in your body.

    When new cells are created they inherit their genetic markers from your old cells. If some types of cells have failed to achieve full genetic expression and have not been able to function at 100% because of a lack of minerals, then this will be passed on to the next generation of these cells. This will continue for every subsequent generation until you rebalance the minerals in your body and detox to remove excessive levels of toxins and heavy metals from your system.

    Taking Cellnutrition Quinton daily provides the minerals and trace elements to achieve this detoxification and rebalancing. Then, by keeping your cells well nourished with the correct minerals and trace elements in the right proportions, you can ensure that every generation of cells will have all the resources they need to achieve full genetic expression and support your body’s health and wellbeing into the future.