Later in Life

We’re living longer than ever before but not necessarily staying fitter and healthier. As you grow older you become more susceptible to illness, while degenerative diseases such as arthritis or dementia also become more prevalent.

Maintaining an active lifestyle and balanced diet is the first line of defence against ill health, but the depleted soil we have now means that we can only derive a third of the nutritional value from our food than we used to. As many as 80% of us are estimated to have a mineral deficiency. This means that no matter how many proteins, carbohydrates, fats and vitamins you eat, you will not be fully nourished because there are no longer enough minerals and trace elements in our food without taking a complete and balanced full spectrum mineral supplement.

Minerals nourish your cells, which are the building blocks of every part of your body. If your cells aren’t strong then your mind and body including your immune system and mental focus can suffer. Cellnutrition Quinton replenishes and restores depleted mineral levels in a gentle, safe and natural way. It provides all 78 minerals and trace elements that your cells need in the exact proportions they need them.

These minerals are vital for your body to be able to extract the maximum amount of nutritional value from your food and turn it into energy.

The minerals in Cellnutrition Quinton can assist bone and joint quality and help you feel young again.

Cellnutrition Quinton provides all the minerals and trace elements that are crucial for maintaining bone quality. Osteoporosis is the term for the demineralisation of bones. This makes them more brittle and increases the likelihood of fractures. Calcium is crucial for improving bone density, while Vitamin D3 is just one of the other factors that controls how the body uses calcium.

Many supplements aimed at reducing osteoporosis provide a very limited number of minerals and ingredients. The fact that all the minerals and trace elements are interdependent means that your body cannot properly absorb just a few of them in isolsation. With Cellnutrition Quinton’s 78 minerals and trace elements in the correct proportions, none of them interfere with each other so your cells can utilise what they need when they need it.

Many age-related conditions, such as arthritis, are the result of chronic inflammation. Cartilage becomes eroded and bone wears on bone which is very painful. Cellnutrition Quinton provides all the minerals and trace elements your cells require to support bone and cartilage repair and maintenance. It also supports the nutritional requirements of the stem cells that maintain our body every day.

The minerals and trace elements in Cellnutrition Quinton maintains hydration right down to the cellular level. Having the correct water balance in the cells of your joints maintains synovial fluid production that lubricates the joints and assists flexibility and joint health.

Two commonly recognised diseases that result from neural degeneration – Alzheimers and Parkinson’s – are usually experienced in older age. Both have been linked to the accumulation of metals; Alzheimers has been linked with excess aluminium and Parkinson’s with increased lead.

Their common action is to interfere with enzyme activity, promote inflammation and auto-immune activity, and increase free radical production. These factors cause mistakes in gene expression that leads to nerve degeneration and poor function in motor activity or memory. Multiple Sclerosis similarly results in nerve degeneration.

Cellnutrition Quinton can support the effectiveness of treatments to increase protective enzyme activity and reduce free radicals by supporting antioxidant activity that helps clear the body’s internal environment of heavy metals and other toxins. In addition, Cellnutrition Quinton’s 78 minerals and trace elements allow the correct genes to be fully expressed in your new cells, which can help enzymes function properly.

Cellnutrition Quinton provides 78 minerals and trace elements that support antioxidant activity to help clear the body’s internal environment of heavy metals and other toxins

In older age it is beneficial to use Cellnutrition Quinton Isotonic on a daily basis because it has a more gentle boosting and balancing effect on your body.
Sharon: “I had previously taken another product for my hot flushes and they reduced a little bit but Quinton stopped them completely. I’ve never known anything like it! This product is the only one to provide me with all the minerals my body needs to rebalance my cellular health so I’m better equipped to cope with the menopause.” Read more >>>

Greer: “I am 40 years old and have two pre-teen boys. In addition, I find myself working late into the night on a regular basis. No other product like Quinton has given me all the nutrients my cells need to provide me with the steady mental and physical energy I need to meet the demands of my job, while still giving me time to be there for my two sons. It takes care of my body so I can take care of others.”

Lloyds Pharmacy Customer, Blanchardstown: “I’ve had problems with my knee, I couldn’t get up and down. I started on one Hypertonic a day and haven’t looked back”

“My first experience with Quinton was with Hypertonic solution before flying and landing. These seemed to alleviate all symptoms of jet lag. I have tried this same protocol on four international trips with the same result: absolutely no symptoms of jet lag. After using Quinton Isotonic for a few weeks, I notice my appetite was reduced significantly. I didn’t need as much food at each meal to feel full. It felt like I was getting the nutrition I needed from my diet.”
Harry Friedmann, Osteopath, author, and lecturer

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