Case Study – Celia M.

The neighbours say to me, ‘Whatever you’re on, Celia, I’ll have some of it’

71-year-old Celia, from Blanchardstown in Dublin, has seen remarkable and positive changes in all these areas and more since she started taking Cellnutrition Quinton Hypertonic.

Celia M was suffering from lack of sleep, lack of energy, and chronic, debilitating pain in her knee joints for which she had already seen an orthopaedic surgeon.

“I have a knee problem and got an injection for the pain just over a year ago, and I also hadn’t been sleeping well.

“I take the Hypertonic because the pharmacist said it would work better for me. So I took it home to try. I took one box, and now I’m on my third box.”

“I have to say I feel much better. Before I wouldn’t go very long sleeping, I’d wake up during the night and be wide awake. But now I’m getting a good six or seven hours without waking up.

“My knees are much better as well. I had injections in May last year which were meant to last for 12 months but I still had to take painkillers.

“Before the Quinton I was taking paracetamol before going to bed and if I was going out somewhere – I was taking at least four a day. Now I might only take two in a week. I can go days now without taking any. I feel a lot better.”

“I look a lot better, as does my skin and nails, even my energy has increased. I mean I go walking, swimming and I go to aerobics and I’m 71!

“The neighbours say to me, ‘Whatever you’re on, Celia, I’ll have some of it’.”

“I tell them what it is and they look at me and say, ‘Jeeze, what’s that?’”

“I’m on to my third box now and I take it every day – I never miss a day.

“I’ll definitely keep taking it into the future.”