Case Study – Bridget S.

‘My daughter and I are reaping the benefits of Cellnutrition Quinton’

Bridget S, from Mullingar, and her nine-year-old daughter, Phoenix M, were taking Cellnutrition Quinton for around six weeks by the time they submitted their testimonial. Brigid was conscious of doing the best by her daughter at a point in her life where nutrition plays a vital part in general behaviour, sleep patterns and concentration. She investigated and researched possible reasons for some of her daughter’s sugar cravings, occasionally tetchy or grumpy demeanour, and lack of concentrate on tasks. When she came across Cellnutrition Quinton she considered that her nine-year-old could be suffering, as many do, from mineral deficiencies in her diet. She chose to try the product as a potential solution for her daughter and started taking it herself as a sign of support. We got the chance to catch up with Bridget and ask her a few questions.

Q) Why did you take Cellnutrition Quinton and why did you consider it for your daughter?

A) I had heard that when you lack minerals in your body you get what people think are sugar cravings and I was a bit concerned about her intake of sugar.

Q) Where did you first hear about it?

A) I heard about this initially from health expert John Baldwin and then I actually spoke to Jamie at Cellnutrition and asked for his advice.

Q) How long have you used it for?

A) My daughter has been using Cellnutrition Quinton Isotonic for just over a month. I have been taking it as well, but I take both the Isotonic and Hypertonic.

Q) Has Cellnutrition Quinton make a difference to your daughter’s health?

A) She is flying on it. I started her on it just over a month ago. What I really noticed with her is that she is a lot more balanced in herself. She seems to be a lot more logical. Normally if she was up late and the next day if I asked her to tidy up her room there might be a bit of a kick off. Now I’m actually getting her saying, “Yeah, I’ll do that at some stage”, and I’ll look at her, thinking, ‘what’s wrong with her?’. It’s a complete change in her general behaviour.

Even with her concentration. She does a lot of horse riding and her riding instructor actually said to me that she has come on leaps and bounds this summer. The only thing I can put it down to is her concentration. Her trainer’s words were: “It’s all clicked into place with her, she knows what we are talking about and she now understands.”

In the last few weeks she has gone from plodding along to really understanding. It seems that she is able to absorb information and process it better.

With the sleeping thing, the child never slept a day in her life and now when I put her to bed she is actually sleeping very well. It’s brilliant. I have really noticed a change in her.

She missed a few days and I noticed the defiance coming back in and she was not the logical child that she has been. So yeah, it’s amazing. In my opinion it’s only down to Cellnutrition Quinton.

I also noticed she is not craving. She was a woeful chocoholic and now she is not craving chocolate or sugar as much. She is actually eating proper dinners and not asking for dessert after everything.

If I were to sum it up I would say her balance, logic, control, concentration and her appetite have all improved for the better.

Q) Do you believe taking Cellnutrition Quinton helped her in other ways?

A) Her cravings for sweeter things have reduced. Absolutely! She is not shouting for chocolate as much. She still obviously wants a treat but it’s not like it was.

She was always a devil for the salt and because she likes the natural salty taste of Quinton she loves drinking it. I don’t put processed salt on any of her foods now and this is like her treat. That sounds mad doesn’t it.

Q) Do you like the product?

A) I love the product.

Q) Would you recommend it?

A) Without a doubt

Q) After having seen the benefits, will you continue taking Cellnutrition Quinton?

A) 100% my daughter will, and myself as well.

Q) Any additional feedback you would like to share with us?

A) From my own perspective It definitely just gives you clarity on a lot of things. I take it and I would have to say that I am a lot more balanced and have a lot more energy I do a bit of training and I am now able to rain a little bit more. I’m studying as well. I’m doing a management course after work and I would normally be knackered coming home and yet the other night I wasn’t tired at all coming home.

What I’ve found is that other people are seeing things that I haven’t noticed myself. They say my skin is brighter. The other day I had a lady comment on my nails saying they were amazing and asking what I do with them. It has been pointed out that I’m a lot more focused, and I feel a bit more positive too.